“You were so personable, quick, and clean.  It was such a great experience that I will definitely use you again next time I need another room painted.”

John Mayne
Newport, Or

“You changed my extra bedroom into a beautiful office and it looks absolutely incredible!”

Janet Slayson
Newport, Or

“Your opinon on the colors of paint were so helpful and really changed the look of my house and deck for the better.  Thanks.”

Richard and Sue
Newport, Or

Denise M  Wonderful paint job I love it and a woman's presence was so delightfully different and calm than the usual. I painted a wood ceiling to a beautiful white.  may 2012 

Kim Lewis... Painted the whole exterior of the house. Love the job. april 2012

Jim voetberg  Painted the whole exterior of the house very please... South shore ,  oregon       may 2012
                                                                                                             Carrole Anderson south shore oregon.. Painted exterior trim was very happy with my work.. may 2012

Mike Goldfarb south shore trim and lower peaks of house and one high side all painted,,, Loves the job. may 2012

Didtel in south shore the whole exterior trim.. june 2012. very happy

Trina in lincoln beach seagrove gated community painted all house very very happy. june 2012r

Callie and Dave they called it there tree house was alll darkwood inside so did a white and it brighten it up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, all the wood white.. They said I did a fantastic job...june2012

Nana O'brian   siletz oregon Painted the whole interior another happy customer    july 2012

Larry brown  south shore painted all exterior very very happy.. july 2012

Ken Fallon lincoln city another exterior painted and one more customer happy... jjuly 2012

Peter Ericson house in waldport oregon..Aug 2012  exterior very please with the paint job..